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As a pet owner, you have the responsibility of making sure your pet has everything it needs to have a healthy and happy life with you. Finding a North Bay veterinarian you can count on and being dedicated to a wellness care program for your pet is crucial for its health. Vaccinations are an essential part of this healthcare plan.

It is important to discuss a wellness plan with our veterinarian to determine the best schedule for wellness visits and vaccinations that your pet may require. Our Airport Animal Hospital veterinary team is dedicated to the care of your pet and our 24-hour vet is always available when you and your pet need us – anytime day or night. From wellness care to emergency care, Airport Animal Hospital's top priority is the well-being of your pet and your peace of mind knowing your pet has the best care possible.

Our Veterinarians Recommend Risk Based Pet Vaccinations for Your Dog and Cat

Properly caring for your pets include making sure you schedule their annual vaccinations each year to protect them from dangerous and potentially deadly diseases. Getting regular pet vaccinations enable your pets to avoid infections and can lessen the severity of other types of diseases they may be susceptible to. Our veterinarian can recommend the appropriate vaccines your pet will need to maintain their health and protect them from potentially serious situations.

The types of vaccinations your pet requires depends on the type of pet you have, but most young dogs and cats require a series of pet vaccinations because they are very vulnerable and can easily catch diseases. For these young pets, a series of pet vaccinations are needed which typically begin when they are 6 weeks old and are scheduled every 4 weeks, with the final shots given when they are around 16 weeks old.

The vaccines your pet needs depend on a variety of factors including breed, location, and exposure to other pets that may carry disease. All of these situations can affect your pet’s risk for infection. There are “core” pet vaccinations that are required for every pet and there are “non-core” vaccines that are strictly based on lifestyle. Common pet vaccines for dogs and cats include Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordetella, and Calicivirus.

Our Airport Veterinary team can determine which vaccines the pets in our area need and any additional vaccines your pet may need for the special needs and circumstances of their lifestyle. Our veterinarians will customize a vaccination schedule for your pet to ensure they have the necessary protection needed to help them fight off common diseases. Schedule a visit at Airport Animal Hospital to discuss a wellness plan and vaccination schedule for your pet today.


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