Anesthesia and Surgery

Anesthesia and Surgery at Airport Animal Hospital

Our Airport Animal Hospital, North Bay veterinarians offers anesthetic and surgical services utilizing more than 35 years of experience with surgery on dogs and cats. Our clinic is open Monday to Saturday to attend to the needs of your pet as a professional lvet in Ontario. We take appointments anytime during office hours to accommodate busy schedules but available ona call basis to take care of our patients 24 hours, 7 days a week .

At Airport, we perform surgery on dogs and other animals daily including spay and neuter procedures, lump removals, and hip, knee and other orthopedic surgeries. We do not just perform surgery on dogs and cats: we provide surgical care for a variety of animals. Our experienced on-staff surgeons use new procedures to instill safety and comfort for your pet. Our surgical facilities include a veterinary intensive care unit and we maintain separate surgical areas for cats and dogs for pet owners in the North Bay area.

Our surgery on dogs and cats includes C-sections and exploratory surgeries as well as more complex procedures. Our animal veterinary surgical staff will meet with you before the procedure to let you know what to expect the day of surgery and to advise you how to prepare your animal.

Types of Surgeries at Airport Animal Hospital

Just a few of the surgeries our veterinarian performs include spays, neuters, orthopedic surgeries, and tumor removals. A spay procedure includes the removal of the ovaries and uterus of a female dog, cat, or other animal. Neuter procedures are the castration of male animals for birth control and behavior modification.

Our orthopedic surgeries include a wide range of procedures, such as resetting broken bones, and hip and knee surgery. We also perform lump removals, which entails taking out benign and malignant tumors in an animal. For a more comprehensive list of the surgeries that we provide, please contact our hospital at (705)476-3913. If you're faced with an emergency, such as a car accident or chocolate ingestion, please call us immediately.


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  • "Very impressed with everything about my Fur baby’s Doctors office. Love how you all care about animals brought into your care. Shylo is not afraid of anyone there. Thanks for Caring."
    Teri E.
  • "I really felt that the staff and Veterinarians went the extra mile. It was worth the drive to receive this level of care. Keep up the excellent work!"
    Sher W.