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Whether your pet recently had surgery or has a chronic injury, rehabilitation can support their healing. We’ll create personalized treatments for your furry friend that could include a combination of treatments like laser therapy or therapeutic exercises. Our compassionate and skilled team are here to put your pet’s wellness at the forefront with our state-of-the-art treatments and care.

Why is rehabilitation good for my pet?

Our veterinary team will discuss your pet’s health and will recommend rehabilitation if it will be beneficial to their overall wellbeing. Particularly if your pet has chronic conditions or is recovering from a surgery-inflicted wound or other injury, rehabilitation could help their healing process. Chronic disease can cause long term pain for your pet. Rehabilitation treatments can help ease inflammation and pain as well as help support their mobility. Conditions that could make your pet a good candidate for rehabilitation include arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle injuries, traumatic injuries and obesity.

How does it help my pet?

There are a range of benefits to rehabilitation, including supporting their recovery from surgery or injuries. It can also reduce discomfort, improve mobility and provide a better quality of life. Other benefits include:

  • Less inflammation
  • More range of motion
  • Less pain
  • More coordination
  • More typical movement
  • More muscle strength

    What types of rehabilitation treatments do you offer?

    We cater our range of treatments to your pet’s specific needs. For example, we could recommend laser therapy for your pet’s arthritis as well as a combination of therapeutic exercises to reduce pain and restore your furry friend’s range of motion. If you have questions about our treatments, please contact us at 705.476.3913.