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Bird Services

We recommend our avian friends visit our veterinary hospital at least once a year for their annual wellness exams. Wellness checks allow us to assess your bird’s overall health and help your pet to continue to live a long, happy life. If you’re interested in our bird services, please contact us at 705.476.3913.

What do you check during wellness exams?

It’s important for us to establish a baseline of your pet’s health so we can make recommendations on how best to care for them. One of the ways we do this is with physical exams, which allows us to assess their bodies for indications of underlying health issues. In addition, we could also:

  • Run diagnostic tests like bloodwork
  • Assess if your pet is showing early signs of a disease or illness
  • Create a treatment plan for any health concerns that arise
  • Make recommendations for their diet
  • Discuss home care like grooming and their designated area
  • Trim their beak, wings and nails

    How should I care for my pet in between vet visits?

    It’s important you take proper care of your bird between visits to ensure they’re maintaining a good quality of life. Our veterinary team will make specific recommendations for your pet but some guidelines to follow include:

  • Ensure their cage includes room to comfortably move around
  • Involve them in your and your loved ones activities – they love being social
  • Provide a variety of toys for mental stimulation
  • Ensure you clean their cage regularly